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Impact on Global Warming of Development and Structural Changes in The Electricity Sector of Guangdong Province, China

March 2000

This paper examines the impact on global warming of development and structural changes in the electricity sector of Guangdong Province, China, together with the possible effect of international...

Foreign Direct Investment in New Electricity Generating Capacity in Developing Asia: Stakeholders, Risks, and the Search for a New Paradigm

January 2001

The rate of investment sufficient to provide developing Asia with a reasonably adequate supply of electricity is immense, ranging from a World Bank estimate of 2000 megawatts (MW) each month (which...

Reform of the Chinese Electric Power Market: Economics and Institutions

January 2004

When the People's Republic was founded in 1949, the Chinese electricity industry, with only 1.85 GW installed capacity, was primitive.

Vision for Global Electrification, A

August 2002

This paper is a working draft intended to both set the stage and stimulate discussion at the upcoming EPRI workshop on Global Electrification.

Macro Patterns in the Use of Traditional Biomass Fuels

November 2002

About 2.4 billion people rely on traditional biomass, mainly for cooking and heating (IEA, 2002).

Political Economy of the Brazilian Power Industry Reform, The

December 2003

After a long period of rapid growth the Brazilian power industry entered a period of stagnation and crisis in the 1980s.

Rural Energy Modeling

November 2002

This paper presents the details and results of an energy model of a non-electrified rural village. The model itself was developed with MARKAL/TIMES, a modeling and optimization tool.

Electricity Restructuring and the Social Contract

May 2003

The electricity sector is a major contributor to air and water pollution. Electricity also supplies vital services to modern societies-it literally powers economic growth.

Greenfield IPP Database (GRIPP): Based on the World Bank's Private Participation in Infrastructure (PPI) Database, The

May 2003

The Greenfield IPP (GRIPP) database is derived from the World Bank's Private Participation in Infrastructure (PPI) database.

An Energy Model for a Low Income Rural African Village

September 2005

This article reports on efforts to extend a MARKAL energy model for South Africa to include rural energy choices, allowing for computation of optimal energy systems in a typical (non-electrified)...

Political Economy and the Hydrogen Revolution

September 2003

In recent years, the professional punditry has lofted hydrogen into the firmament of technological wonders.

Using Markets to Help Solve Public Problems

December 2003

Public-sector uses of markets - for pollution control, spectrum allocation, electricity supply, and fishery management - are discussed. Governments can use markets effectively.

Mexican Electricity Sector: Economic, Legal and Political Issues, The

November 2003

This chapter aims to explain the motivations and strategies for reform in the Mexican electricity sector.

Carbon intensity of electricity generation and CDM baseline: case studies of three Chinese provinces

December 2005

A difficult and persistent issue in the discussion of Clean Development Mechanism is estimating a carbon emissions baseline, against which tradable permits may be certified.

What IT Can and Cannot Do for the Power Sector and Distribution in India: Link to Reforms, Incentives, and Management

January 2004

This paper relates to significant medium and long-term planning for the Indian power sector.

Impact of Power Sector Reforms on Technology, Efficiency and Emissions: Case Study of Andhra Pradesh, India

March 2004

The study traces the pattern of development of the electricity sector in India through a case study of the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Impact of Power Sector Reforms on Technology, Efficiency and Emissions: Case Study of Gujarat, India

March 2004

The study examines the impact of the power sector reforms on the electricity generation industry at the state level in India through a case study of the state of Gujarat.

Captive Power Plants: Case Study of Gujarat, India

March 2004

In India, in the last few years, the installed capacity of the Captive Power Plants (CPPs) has grown at a faster rate compared to the utilities.

Experience with Independent Power Projects (IPPs) in Developing Countries: Introduction and Case Study Methods, The

April 2004

Starting in the late 1980s many nations began to reform their electric power markets away from state-dominated systems to those with a greater role for market forces.

Power Sector Reforms in India: Issues Relating to Agriculture

March 2004

Excerpt: Q (T L Sankar): Why do utilities charge different rates to different consumers?

Polish Electricity Market Investment Context, The

August 2004

This paper is part of the wider Program on Energy and Sustainable Development study on the historical experience of Independent Power Producers (IPPs) in countries that are in the midst of...

Baseline for carbon emissions in the Indian and Chinese power sectors: implications for international carbon trading

January 2005

This paper was published by Energy Policy in January 2005.The study examines the dynamics of carbon emissions baselines of electricitygeneration in Indian states and Chinese provinces in the...

Guangdong Electric Power Market Reform: Options and Impact

November 2004

The electricity industry of China's Guangdong Province has been in a process of reforms since the 1980s.

IPP Investment in Turkey's Electric Power Industry

November 2004

This paper is part of a larger study on the historical experience of Independent Power Producers (IPPs) in countries undergoing transition in their institutions of governance.


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