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China's Accession to and Implementation of International Environmental Accords 1978-95

February 1998

China’s performance in numerous environmental areas—emission of greenhouse gases, use of ozone-depleting substances, reduction of sulphur dioxide emissions, or exploitation of fishing grounds in...

Nature's Subsidies to Shrimp and Salmon Farming

October 1998

Although many fisheries stocks have declined precipitously throughout the world, fish farming--and especially shrimp and salmon farming--has boomed.

Aquaculture -A Gateway for Exotic Species

November 2001

Aquaculture is a fast-growing segment of the world food economy and a leading vector of aquatic invasive species in the United States and abroad.

Effects of Aquaculture on World Fish Supplies

June 2000

Global production of farmed fish and shellfish has more than doubled in the past 15 years.

Aquaculture: A net loss?

December 2002

Salmon Aquaculture in the Pacific Northwest: A Global Industry

October 2003

Many locals in British Columbia's Broughton Archipelago welcomed the salmon-farming industry in the early 1980s. It promised jobs, more schools, and higher incomes.

Why Farm Salmon Outcompete Fishery Salmon

December 2003

Over the past quarter century, the salmon aquaculture industry has grown rapidly.

Fugitive Salmon: Assessing the Risks of Escaped Fish from Net-Pen Aquaculture

May 2005

Future seascapes, fishing, and fish farming

February 2005

The depletion of many marine fisheries has created a new impetus to expand seafood production through fish farming, or aquaculture.

Environmental Safeguards for Open-Ocean Aquaculture

April 2006

Offshore Aquaculture Legislation

September 2006

In an editiorial printed in Science magazine, aquaculture specialist Rosamond Naylor comments on the impact of the newly introduced National Offshore Aquaculture bill which establishes a permitting...

A Case Study of Land Reform and Coastal Land Transformation in Southern Sonora, Mexico

December 2006

Aquaculture and Ocean Resources: Raising Tigers of the Sea

December 2005

With continued human pressure on marine fisheries and ocean resources, aquaculture has become one of the most promising avenues for increasing marine fish production in the future.

Feeding Aquaculture in an Era of Finite Resources

September 2009

Aquaculture’s pressure on forage fisheries remains hotly contested.

Numerical Modeling of Aquaculture Dissolved Waste Transport in a Coastal Embayment

February 2011

Marine aquaculture is expanding rapidly without reliable quantification of effluents.

Seeds of Sustainability: Lessons from the Birthplace of the Green Revolution

November 2011

Seeds of Sustainability is a groundbreaking analysis of agricultural development and transitions toward more sustainable management in one region.

Searching for Solutions in Aquaculture: Charting a sustainable course

October 2012

Aquaculture is currently the fastest growing animal food production sector and will soon supply more than half of the world’s seafood for human consumption.

Feed and fishmeal use in the production of carp and tilapia in China

November 2013

China dominates the global aquaculture industry, most clearly with its massive production and consumption of low trophic-level carp species and its rapidly rising output and exports of tilapia....

Does Aquaculture Add Resilience to the Global Food System?

September 2014

Aquaculture is the fastest growing food sector and continues to expand alongside terrestrial crop and livestock production.

China's aquaculture and the world's wild fisheries

January 2015

A global perspective on food systems

March 2015

Opportunity for marine fisheries reform in China

January 2017

China’s 13th Five-Year Plan, launched in March 2016, provides a sound policy platform for the protection of marine ecosystems and the restoration of capture fisheries within China’s exclusive...

Feed conversion efficiency in aquaculture: do we measure it correctly?

February 2018

Globally, demand for food animal products is rising.


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