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The Benefits of Risk Factor Prevention in Americans Aged 51 Years and Older

November 2009

Abstract Objectives. We assessed the potential health and economic benefits of reducing common risk factors in older Americans.Methods.

The Behavioural Economics of Exercise Habits

February 2011

Obesity – and its related illnesses – endangers the lives of millions across the world.

Surgically Induced Weight Loss Improve Daytime Sleepiness?

December 2011

Abstract Morbid obesity is associated with excessive daytime sleepiness and reduced health-related quality of life.

Interventions aimed at decreasing obesity in children younger than 2 years: A systematic review

December 2010

Abstract OBJECTIVE: To assess the evidence for interventions designed to prevent or reduce overweight and obesity in children younger than 2 years.

ABC's and 123's: Parental literacy, numeracy, and childhood obesity

December 2008

The immigration and health paradox: Obesity in multiethnic young children

December 2008

The rising U.S. obesity prevalence has disproportionately affected minority children.

Health literacy and child health promotion: Implications for research, clinical care, and public policy

December 2009

The nation's leading sources of morbidity and health disparities (eg, preterm birth, obesity, chronic lung disease, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, mental health disorders, and cancer)...

The Utility of Childhood and Adolescent Obesity Assessment in Relation to Adult Health

May 2012

Background: High childhood obesity prevalence has raised concerns about future adult health, generating calls for obesity screening of young children. Objective: To estimate how well childhood...

The incidence of the healthcare costs of obesity

December 2009

The incidence of obesity has increased dramatically in the U.S.

Assessing Screening Policies for Childhood Obesity

January 2012

To address growing concerns over childhood obesity, the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recently recommended that children undergo obesity screening beginning at age 6.

Health insurance and the obesity externality

August 2005

If rational individuals pay the full costs of their decisions about food intake and exercise, economists, policy makers, and public health officials should treat the obesity epidemic as a matter of...

Welfare-enhancing technological change and the growth of obesity

December 2005

There has been concern about the dramatic growth in obesity seen in developed countries.

Analyzing Screening Policies for Childhood Obesity

April 2013

Abstract: Because of the health and economic costs of childhood obesity, coupled with studies suggesting the benefits of comprehensive (dietary, physical activity, and behavioral counseling)...