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A Step Backward on Nuclear Cooperation

April 2001

President Bush and his new foreign policy team have announced that they plan to undertake a full review of all aspects of American policy toward Russia on matters like economic assistance, NATO...

No Simple Truths About Russia

September 2000

The second error of omission is a failure to acknowledge the real menu of choices foreign policymakers face, especially when dealing with a revolution in midstream such as Russia's in the '90s.

Don't Look to Russia for Help on Kosovo

April 1999

The Clinton Administration was right to reject Slobodan Milosevic's cease-fire proposal -- entering into negotiations now with Serbia, which has largely achieved its military goals in Kosovo before...

NATO's Collateral Damage in Russia

April 1999

Although few in Washington have noticed, US-Russian relations have entered a new era with the NATO bombing of Serbia.

A Flawed Pragmatism

October 1998

In the West, Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov is often described as "wily," "pragmatic," and "a realist" who seeks to carve out a place for Russia as a major player in the global game of balance-of...

Clinton's Moscow Mission

August 1998

When presidents Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin meet in Moscow next month, issues such as START II, NATO expansion, trade with Iran and Iraq, and Russia's new draconian law on religion are likely to...