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The practitioner's dilemma: can we use a patient's race to predict genetics, ancestry, and the expected outcomes of treatment?

December 2005

Recent research has identified genetic traits that can be used in a laboratory setting to distinguish among global population groups.

Frequency of HIV Screening in the Veterans Health Administrations: Implications for Early Diagnosis of HIV Infection

December 2008

We evaluated the frequency of HIV testing across the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), the largest provider of HIV care in the United States.

Variation of Clinical Judgment in Cases of Hysterectomy in R.O.C., Japan, England, and the United States

October 1998

Hysterectomy is the most common non-pregnancy-related major surgery performed on women in the United States.

Screening for Hypertension

December 1990

China's Telecommunications: Present and Future

June 1997

By the end of 1995, China had built the world's ten largest telecommunications networks and the industry was growing at a faster rate than any other sector of the booming Chinese economy.

Principal-Agent Problems in Health Care: Evidence from Prescribing Patterns of Private Providers in Vietnam

December 2009

The principal-agent problem in health care asserts that providers, being imperfect agents for patients, will act to maximize their profits at the expense of the patients’ interests.

Medical Care at the End of Life: Diseases, Treatment Patterns, and Costs

December 1999

Expanding Role of Technology Assessment in Health Policy, The

December 1991

Theoretical Foundations of Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

December 1996

A unique, in-depth discussion of the uses and conduct of cost-effectiveness analyses (CEAs) as decision-making aids in the health and medical fields, Cost-Effectiveness in Health and Medicine is...

Modeling the AIDS Epidemic

December 1994

OR Modeling and AIDS Policy: From Theory to Practice

December 1998

Effects of Relapse to High-Risk Behavior on the Costs and Benefits of a Voluntary Program to Screen Women for HIV

December 1998

Effects of Protease Inhibitors on the Spread of HIV and the Development of Drug-Resistant HIV Strains: A Simulation Study, The

December 1998

Analysis of Optimal Resource Allocation for HIV Prevention in Injection Drug Users and Nonusers, An

December 1999

Future of Health Policy, The

December 1993

Economics, Values, and Health Care Reform

March 1996

Designing Hospital Antitrust Policy to Promote Social Welfare

December 1998

Polymerase Chain Reaction for the Diagnosis of HIV Infection in Adults: A Meta-Analysis with Recommendations for Clinical Practice and Study Design, The

December 1996

Population Effects of Preventive and Therapeutic HIV Vaccines in Early- and Late- Stage Epidemics

December 1998

Dynamic Model of HIV Transmission for Evaluation of the Costs and Benefits of Vaccine Programs, A

December 1998

Decreasing Variation in Medical Necessity Decision Making

August 1999

Medical Necessity was not a problematic issue when remote third party payers rarely challenged physicians' decisions and reimbursed physicians for whatever procedures they chose to order and...

A Collection of Articles on U.S. Health Reform

January 2010

A collection of core faculty Victor Fuchs' articles on actions needed for meaningful health care reform in the United States.Eliminating "Waste" in Health CareFour Health Care Reforms for 2009Cost...


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