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CISAC now accepting applications for William J. Perry International Security Fellowship

December 2008

Applications are now being accepted for the William J. Perry International Security Fellowship.

Transitions 2009 conference to focus on action plan for President-elect Obama

November 2008

CISAC's Stephen Stedman, Bruce Jones from NYU and Carlos Pascual from the Brookings Institution will unveil a "plan for action" for President-elect Obama to tackle emerging transnational threats at...

Book Review: The Gunslinger

July 2008

FSI senior fellow Stephen Stedman reviews John Bolton's book, Surrender Is not an Option, in the July/August issue of the Boston Review.

Preparation is key to avoiding 'worst-case outcome,' Chertoff says

April 2008

CISAC members Lynn Eden, Martha Crenshaw, and Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar participated in"Germ Warfare, Contagious Disease and the Constitution," a daylong event co-hosted by Stanford Law School....

SPICE and The Stanford Challenge: 30 Years of Educating New Generations of Leaders

August 2007

SPICE was established more than 30 years ago and serves as a bridge between FSI and elementary and secondary schools in the United States and independent schools abroad.

South East Asia: Gearing Up For Economic Integration

May 2007

Shorenstein APARC's Donald Emmerson comments on ASEAN's plans for economic integration.

Examining Global Pandemics: Division of Infectious Diseases, Stanford University School of Medicine and SPICE

January 2007

Epidemic infectious diseases have shaped many aspects of ancient and modern history.

Face facts: New York Times op-ed by CISAC's Lawrence Wein

December 2006

"Pandemic influenza is probably the world's most serious near-term public health threat," CISAC's Lawrence M.

'A world at risk': Freeman Spogli Institute's second annual International Conference and dinner

December 2006

On November 16, 2006, FSI convened its annual international conference, A World at Risk, devoted to systemic and human risk confronting the global community.

FSI International Conference brings scholars, policymakers to discuss global security threats

November 2006

FSI convened its second annual international conference on November 16, bringing scholars from across the university together with visiting security experts, policymakers, members of the...

Roundtable Forum - Anxious Times: Seeing Beyond a World of Perpetual Threats

September 2006

Stanford President John Hennessy hosted a timely and important Reunion Homecoming roundtable examining "Anxious Times: Seeing Beyond a World of Perpetual Threats," on October 14.

Modeling Attacks on the Food Supply

June 2005

This editorial explains the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences' decision to publish a research article by CISAC faculty member Lawrence M.

University Scholars Play Prominent Role in Charting Reforms for United Nations

January 2005

A new united nations report recommending the most sweeping reform in the institution's history offers a global vision of collective security for the 21st century that is as committed to development...