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Imperfect Partners

The United States And Southeast Asia

Strengthen Oversight of Risky Research on Pathogens

In Science magazine, Stanford researchers Megan Palmer and David Relman are among co-authors recommending a reset of U.S. and global policy to address the gaps and challenges of current guidance...

Back to Cheap Labour? Increasing Employment and Wage Disparities in Contemporary China

After nearly two decades of rising wages for those in the unskilled sectors of China's economy, in the mid-2010s employment and wages in China began to experience new polarizing trends. Using data...

Adherence to Micronutrient Powder for Home Fortification of Foods among Infants and Toddlers in Rural China: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach

Background The WHO recommends daily use of micronutrient powder for infants and toddlers at risk of micronutrient deficiencies in low-and-middle-income...

EdTech for Equity in China: Can Technology Improve Teaching for Millions of Rural Students?

Despite major advancements in China’s K-12 educational outcomes over the past several decades, large regional inequities in academic achievement still exist, a proximal cause of which are gaps in...

Policy Roundup: November 2022

Key policy takeaways from Michael McFaul on Russia after Putin, Rose Gottemoeller on the New START talks, Nathaniel Persily on the midterm elections and U.S. democracy, Francis Fukuyama on...

The Motherhood Penalty in China: Magnitudes, Trends, and the Role of Grandparenting

This paper estimates the labor market impacts of parenthood in China. We find that becoming a mother has negative impacts on women's labor outcomes. But the impacts appear to recover sooner than...

Family-level Factors of Early Childhood Development: Evidence from Rural China

Family-level factors that characterize the home environment are critical inputs to early language and cognitive development, and potential mechanisms for improving developmental outcomes in...

The Association between Video Game Time and Adolescent Mental Health: Evidence from Rural China

As digital devices like computers become more widely available in developing countries, there is a growing need to understand how the time that adolescents spend using these devices for...

Policy Roundup: October 2022

Key policy takeaways from Michael McFaul on Russia after Putin, Francis Fukuyama on democracy in America, Daphne Keller on the global impact of the European Union's new digital policy, Marietje...

The Logic of Governance in China

An Organizational Approach

Pakistan’s Nuclear Weapons Program

A chapter in Routledge Handbook of the International Relations of South Asia

Classless Politics

Islamist Movements, the Left, and Authoritarian Legacies in Egypt

Structural Determinants of Child Health in Rural China: The Challenge of Creating Health Equity

Over the past two decades, the literature has shown a clear gradient between child health and wealth. The same health–wealth gradient is also observed among children in China, with a large gap in...

Minilateral Deterrence in the Indo-Pacific

An Asia Policy roundtable co-edited by Arzan Tarapore, including an essay by Oriana Skylar Mastro.

The Role of Self-Esteem in the Academic Performance of Rural Students in China

The self-esteem of students may be significantly associated with their academic performance. However, past research in developing contexts on this issue is limited, particularly among early...

Struggles for Political Change in the Arab World

Regimes, Oppositions, and External Actors after the Spring

Challenges and Opportunities in Aligning Conservation with Development in China’s National Parks: A Narrative Literature Review

As part of its effort to balance economic development with environmental objectives, China has established a new national park system, with the first five locations formally established in 2021....

Early Parenting Interventions to Foster Human Capital in Developing Countries

One out of every three children under age 5 in developing countries lives in conditions that impede human capital development. In this study, we survey the literature on parenting training...


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