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‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Secrecy, Security, and Oversight of Targeted Killing Operations

June 4, 2015

Abstract: Governments around the world have been targeting and killing individuals to prevent them from committing terror attacks or other atrocities.

The USAF Weapons School and the B-52H: Integrating Legacy and 5th Generation Platforms in order to Inspire and Transform

June 4, 2014

Abstract: Weapons School is the premier USAF tactical school producing advanced air, space and cyberspace leaders/tacticians capable of transforming and inspiring the nation’s joint combat power....

U.S.-China Relations and the 'Re-balance' to Asia

June 3, 2014

The Obama administration’s “rebalance” to Asia is about much more than China’s rise and changing role in the region, but US-China relations are an integral part of the new policy and the way it is...

The Future of Post-Election Afghanistan

May 13, 2014

Due to the interest generated by this seminar, we have exceeded our seating capacity and are not able to accommodate any more guests.

How the Cold War Came to Afghanistan, 1945-1952

March 6, 2014

ABOUT THE TOPIC: No country was as devastated by the Cold War as Afghanistan, yet the historical understanding of how the global conflict came to Kabul remains tentative, generally limited to...

The Limits of Counterinsurgency Doctrine in Afghanistan

January 23, 2014

Speaker bio: Karl Eikenberry is the William J.

*Change of Speaker* Geography and Gridlock in the United States

November 21, 2013

Speaker bio: Jonathan Rodden is a professor in the political science department at Stanford who works on the comparative political economy of institutions.

Crowdsourcing in Policy-Making: The Impact of Blended Expertise on Law-Making Process

October 3, 2013

AbstractThis talk reports on a study about the impact of crowdsourcing on a law-making process in Finland.

Direct Diplomacy in Iran: the Internet as a Platform for Foreign Policy

September 26, 2013

               Abstract Digital technologies have brought disruption to political systems throughout the world, it is disrupting the practice of diplomacy.

Conversations with History: Force and Diplomacy

July 11, 2013

CISAC's Karl Eikenberry talks to UCtv about the future of the American all-volunteer military force and the situation in Afghanistan, through the lens of his own experiences as a soldier and...

Film screening and discussion: "The Hornet's Nest"

May 30, 2013

Armed with only their cameras, Peabody and Emmy Award-winning conflict journalist Mike Boettcher and his son Carlos, provide unprecedented access into the longest war in U.S.

Lessons From a Long War: the U.S., the Middle East, and Af-Pak

May 30, 2013

Ryan Crocker is the first Kissinger Senior Fellow at Yale University 2012-2013.

The Future of Afghanistan and U.S. Policy in Central Asia

April 20, 2013

Lecture to be followed by lunch.

Beyond the Battlefield, Beyond al Qaeda: The Destabilizing Legal Architecture of Counterterrorism

April 11, 2013

By the end of the first post-9/11 decade, the legal architecture associated with the U.S.

Testing the Logic of Counterinsurgency Doctrine

April 2, 2013

About the topic: When in late 2009, President Obama ordered the surge of an additional 30,000 troops into Afghanistan to reverse Taliban momentum, major tenets of the U.S.

Why Rebels Return: The Micro-Foundations of Surrender in Civil War

February 28, 2013

Dr. Joseph Felter joined CISAC as a senior research scholar in September, 2011.

Challenges of Private Sector Development in the Middle East and North Africa

February 21, 2013

Abstract: The roots of the revolts known as the Arab Spring lie in many sources but one of the leading causes was the high rates of unemployment, low skill levels, and the growth of the youth...

War and Democratic Constraint: Parties, the Press, and Public Influence on Decisions of War and Peace

November 27, 2012

About the Topic: Media outlets in multi-party electoral systems tend to report on a wider range of policy issues and present more competing policy frames than media in two-party systems.

The Power of 'Open': Collective Intelligence, Crowdsourcing and Co-creation

October 18, 2012

AbstractThe manifestations of 'open' are permeating the society enabled by the rise of participatory culture and improved communication technologies.

From Dark Networks to Dark Markets: Applying Intelligence Principles to Human Trafficking Networks

October 17, 2012

Speaker Bio:David Blair is an Air Force officer with a background in Special Operations who has served as an instructor pilot and subject matter expert on illicit terror networks in Iraq,...

The War Within the War for Afghanistan

October 11, 2012

Abstract: Rajiv Chandrasekaran will discuss his new book, LITTLE AMERICA: The War Within the War for Afghanistan, which focuses on President Barack Obama's decision to surge troops and aid to...

The Shadow War

September 28, 2012

About the Topic: Osama bin Laden’s demise was merely one sensational moment in the first decade of America’s shadow war, the transformation of the national security apparatus into a machine...

Conceiving NATO as a democracy promoter: A Realist Foreign Policy Explanation

May 30, 2012

Abstract: NATO since the end of the Cold War has emphasized democracy as political rationale both in rhetoric and in action, not only with regards to enlargement and partnership policies but also,...


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