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Ian Johnson, longtime foreign correspondent, to receive Shorenstein Journalism Award

March 2017

Ian Johnson, a veteran journalist with a focus on Chinese society, religion and history, is the 2016 recipient of the Shorenstein Journalism Award.

Gi-Wook Shin: How can Northeast Asia resolve its history wars?

July 2014

Shorenstein APARC Director Gi-Wook Shin says now is the time for Northeast Asia to address divided memories because ignoring them would be dangerous and a missed opportunity to learn from history.

Call for papers: Conference on human capital & ageing

July 2014

Shorenstein APARC’s Asia Health Policy Program co-organizes an annual conference and issue of the Journal of the Economics of Ageing focused on the challenges facing ageing societies worldwide....

Journal Article: "German Jewish Émigrés and U.S. Invention," written by Petra Moser, Alessandra Voena, and Fabian Waldinger

June 2014

The soon to be published journal article written by professors Petra Moser (Stanford), Alessandra Voena (University of Chicago) and Fabian Waldinger (University of Warwick) looks at the impact that...

Journal Article: "Preferences for International Redistribution: The Divide over the Eurozone Bailouts," written by Michael Bechtel, Jens Hainmueller and Yotam Margalit

June 2014

Research by Stanford professor Jens Hainmueller and co-writers Michael Bechtel and Yotam Margalit looks at the question of why European Union voters choose to support the financial bail out of...

The Europe Center June 2014 Newsletter

June 2014

The Europe Center June 2014 Newsletter

The Europe Center May 2014 Newsletter

May 2014

The Europe Center May 2014 Newsletter

2013 visiting scholar Dominik Müller's book on Malaysia just published

April 2014

Dominik Müller, Southeast Asia scholar and former Shorenstein APARC fellow, publishes a new book, "Islam Politics and Youth in Malaysia: The Pop-Islamist Reinvention of PAS." Müller analyzes the...

The Europe Center April 2014 Newsletter

April 2014

The Europe Center April 2014 Newsletter

Casper shares insights into speeches from his presidency

February 2014

Academic freedom was a recurring theme during Gerhard Casper's eight years at the helm of Stanford.

Book: "Tristan's Shadow: Sexuality and the Total Work of Art after Wagner," written by Adrian Daub

November 2013

Stanford associate professor of German Studies, Adrian Daub, presents a new study on German opera in his book "Tristan's Shadow: Sexuality and the Total Work of Art after Wagner."

Caixin Column 1: Why We Need to Worry About Inequality

October 2013

REAP co-director Scott Rozelle begins a ten-part series for Caixin Magazine titled, "Inequality 2030: Glimmering Hope in China in a Future Facing Extreme Despair." Rozelle explains why continued...

Book: "Weill's Musical Theater: Stages of Reform", written by Stephen W. Hinton

August 2013

Music professor Stephen Hinton's study of the works by Kurt Weills, German music composer.

Book: "Uncivil Unions: The Metaphysics of Marriage in German Idealism & Romanticism", written by Adrian Daub

August 2013

German Studies assistant professor Adrian Daub takes an interdisciplinary approach in this study of the development of the metaphysical concept of marriage.

Book: "Futurity: Contemporary Literature and the Quest for the Past", written by Amir Eshel

August 2013

Bringing together postwar German, Israeli, and Anglo-American literature, Professor Amir Eshel (German Studies and Comparative Literature) traces a shared trajectory of futurity in world literature.

Shaping Democratic Practice and the Causes of Electoral Fraud

July 2013

Why is there so much alleged electoral fraud in new democracies? Most scholarship focuses on the proximate cause of electoral competition.

Innovative leaders bridging diversity in Sweden and the West

May 2013

The Europe Center, through its Program on Sweden, Scandinavia, and the Baltic Region, has forged partnerships with those who bring visionary solutions to the challenge of diversity and...

TEC Visiting Professor Roland Benedikter receives recognition in Germany for new commentaries

January 2013

Roland Benedikter, TEC Visiting Professor received recognition by Commentarist online journal for his news commentaries, ranking #1 in Nov. 2012 and Jan. 2013.

Stanford Scholar Roland Benedikter wins Klaus Reichert Award in Karlsruhe, Germany

September 2012

Europe Center visiting scholar Roland Benedikter (47), Dr. Dr. Dr., is honored with the 2012 Klaus Reichert Award for Medical Philosophy.

FSI Senior Fellow Joseph Joffe reviews de Gaulle biography for The New York Times

August 2012

Josef Joffe, a senior fellow at FSI and the Hoover Institution and the editor-publisher of Germany's Die Zeit, reviews Jonathan Fenby's The General: Charles de Gaulle and the France He Saved in The...

Amir Eshel’s new book on the concept of "Futurity"

July 2012

Amir Eshel's new book, "Futurity: Contemporary Literature and the Quest for the Past" challenges the traditional view of literature written about traumatic events.

Europe, beyond bashing

July 2012

With Europe's financial crisis front and center in the news for months, and in light of prognosticators' dire warnings of imminent collapse, TEC Director Amir Eshel talks about the strength and...

Honors students win accolades for undergraduate research

June 2012

CISAC's honors program is a year of rigorous research and work, which culminates in the production of a senior thesis, with guidance from Stanford's renowned faculty.

Asia "pivot" emphasizes security over economy, says Stanford's Emmerson

May 2012

The term "pivot" has fallen out of favor in Washington, but the Obama administration's heightened interest in Asia is real and ongoing, says Donald Emmerson, director of Stanford's Southeast Asia...


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