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ASEAN @ 50, Southeast Asia @ Risk: What Should Be Done?

January 2018

In October 2017, twenty-two scholars from eight countries attended a workshop titled “ASEAN @ 50, Southeast Asia @ Risk: What should be done?” The workshop was designed to facilitate a frank and...

Asian Policy Challenges for the Next President

August 2008

In a few short months, a new U.S. administration will take office in Washington. It will inherit adecent hand to play in Asia. The region is not currently in crisis.


Joseph Felter Senior Research Scholar
Erik Jensen Senior Research Scholar, CDDRL Professor of the Practice, Law
Linxiu Zhang Director, REAP-China, Deputy Director, Center for Chinese Agricultural Policy
Rylan Sekiguchi Manager of Curriculum and Instructional Design
Kim Babiarz Research Scholar, CHP/PCOR
Naomi Funahashi Manager, Reischauer Scholars Program and Teacher Professional Development
Rustin Crandall Administrative Associate