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The Long and Winding Road: Brazil's unique path to a Truth Commission and the hopes for justice in the future

October 16, 2012

On May 16, 2012, President Dilma Rousseff inaugurated the Truth Commission (Comissão da Verdade) and announced the Access to Information Law (Lei de Acesso à Informação).

Collecting, Protecting, and Analyzing Human Rights Data

December 9, 2011

Abstract There will be a discussion of two different examples of liberation technology, one used to collect and protect human rights data, and the other used to analyze it.

Global Inequalities, Performance Gaps, and Mobile Innovations

November 3, 2011

AbstractPaul Kim will share his long journey that has been focused on devising, offering, and evaluating educational access to the underserved children in developing regions of the world.

Film: "War Photographer"

October 15, 2010

Film and Faculty Talk Back

Information, Knowledge, and Truth: Replacing Secrecy, Ignorance, and Myth in the Wake of Atrocity

May 8, 2009

This talk will describe the role of data analysis in political transitions to democracy. Transitions require accountability of some form, and in the aggregate, accountability is statistical.

Friends Indeed? The United Nations, Groups of Friends, and the Resolution of Conflict

May 8, 2008

Teresa Whitfield (speaker) joined the Social Science Research Council in early March 2005 to direct the Conflict Prevention and Peace Forum (CPPF).


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