Sri Lanka

Scholarly Publications

Ending Civil Wars: The Implementation of Peace Agreements

December 2002

Why do some peace agreements successfully end civil wars, while others fail? What strategies are most effective in ensuring that warring parties comply with their treaty commitments?

Explaining Suicide Terrorism: A Review Essay

January 2007

The current trend toward suicide bombings began in Lebanon in the early 1980s. The practice soon spread to civil conflicts in Sri Lanka, the Kurdish areas of Turkey, and Chechnya.

Work Satisfaction, Trauma and Economic Insecurity: Post-tsunami Sri Lanka

January 2009

This paper considers the links between the extent of economic security and subjective work satisfaction.

Other Publications

Will Sri Lanka's New Government Provide Justice for Civil War Atrocities?

November 2015

Sri Lanka's new government has promised progress on transitional justice. Will it deliver?

'Locked-In' to China: The Colombo Port City Project

October 2017

This case looks at the predicament of a small nation burdened by Chinese debt, accumulated by infrastructure projects under the aegis of China’s One Belt One Road initiative.


Martha Crenshaw awarded $500,000 to study terrorist patterns

October 2009

Crenshaw, a senior fellow at FSI's Center for International Security and Cooperation, has received a National Science Foundation grant to identify patterns in the evolution of terrorist...

Worsened by war: Two hard-hit areas beset by civil strife

January 2005

For the two regions hardest hit by the Asian tsunamis, international relief efforts are being complicated by more than the rising death tolls and physical devastation: They are also war zones....

At the Eye of the Storm - Mourning and Hope

March 2005

Tsunami could give Aceh, Indonesia's war-torn province, the opportunity it needs, according to APARC's Donald K. Emmerson.


The New Korea: Crisis Springs Opportunity

February 19, 1999

Professor Root's research project on Korea's prospects concludes that Korea can not be secure against future economic crisis without structural reform of finance, enterprise, and labor markets....

Regimes of Truth, Mobs of Anger, Companies for Profit: Who Makes the News

May 1, 2003

Journalism in Southeast Asia is triply constrained. In a given country, the regime in power may impose censorship or induce self-censorship.

Sovereignty or Suu Kyi? ASEAN's Burma Dilemma

October 7, 2003

Potentially the most divisive issue to be addressed at the upcoming summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in Bali on October 7-8, 2003 concerns the membership of Burma....


Mapping Militant Organizations

This research project launched in 2009 traces the evolution of militant organizations and the interactions that develop among them over time.


South Asia's Vulnerable Side: Where Economic Growth Outpaces Human Progress - 2010 Shorenstein Journalism Award

May 2010

While most Asian economies rode out the recession fairly well, disturbing human development statistics across the region persist.


Erik Jensen Senior Research Scholar, CDDRL Professor of the Practice, Law