Stemming the democratic recession

September 2008

If the big global story of the 1980s and 1990s was the remarkable expansion of democracy, the bad news of this decade is that democracy is slipping into recession.

Katsunori Hirano envisions a sustainable future

January 2012

South of Mount Fuji, along Japan’s central eastern coast, sits Shizuoka Prefecture.

Exploring China's formidable cigarette industry

March 2012

How has the cigarette become so integrated into the fabric of everyday life across the People's Republic of China? To get to the heart of this question, a diverse group of experts met Mar.


Gross National Happiness: Bhutan's Own Path to Development and the Problem of Globalization

May 3, 2001

The Kingdom of Bhutan, an independent country in the Himalayas, has designed its own theory and practice of socioeconomic development, which it calls "Gross National Happiness." Bhutan entered into...

Democracy in Bhutan

March 20, 2015

Speaker BioTshering Tobgay is a Bhutanese politician who has been Prime Minister of Bhutan since 2013.


State Building and the Rule of Law

The establishment of rule of law is an integral component of state development.

Global Tobacco Prevention Research Initiative

Cigarettes are producing an unprecedented worldwide health catastrophe.


jensen Erik Jensen Senior Research Scholar, CDDRL Professor of the Practice, Law