Scholarly Publications

Islam and Democracy in the Middle East

December 2003

Islam and Democracy in the Middle East provides a comprehensive assessment of the origins and staying power of Middle East autocracies, as well as a sober account of the struggles of state...

A Transatlantic Strategy to Promote Democratic Development in the Broader Middle East

April 2005

Since the September 11 attacks, a number of U.S.

Explaining Suicide Terrorism: A Review Essay

January 2007

The current trend toward suicide bombings began in Lebanon in the early 1980s. The practice soon spread to civil conflicts in Sri Lanka, the Kurdish areas of Turkey, and Chechnya.


Iraq's Democratic Revolution

February 2004

Larry Diamond: Iraq is one of the world's least likely sites for a transition to democracy. Virtually all of the classic preconditions for liberal government are lacking.

A World Without Israel

January 2005

SIIS Distinguished Fellow Josef Joffe theorizes the political implications should Israel cease to exist.

Iraq: The Long Haul

April 2004

Larry Diamond - Out of the ruins of one of the world's worst tyrannies, in an ancient land that has rarely known any form of decent or constitutional governance, a democracy is struggling to be...

Old Events

The EU's Export of Institutions and Endogenous Regime Change

January 24, 2006

Since the accession of ten new member states the European Union has launched a new effort to draw its neighbors, from Ukraine to Morocco, closer to the EU.

Taking Guns to a Knife Fight: Effective Military Support to Counterinsurgency

February 8, 2007

Lieutenant Colonel Joseph H. Felter (speaker), a career Special Forces and Foreign Area Officer, is the director of the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point and an instructor in the U.

Rebel Recruitment in Civil Wars

February 1, 2007

The speaker, Macartan Humphreys, is an assistant professor of political science at Columbia University and a visiting professor at CISAC.


Global Tobacco Prevention Research Initiative

Cigarettes are producing an unprecedented worldwide health catastrophe.

History, Memory and Reconciliation

This series will examine scholarly and institutional efforts to create new national narratives that walk the fine line between before and after, memory and truth, compensation and reconciliation,...


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