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FSI's REDI (Racial Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion) Task Force aims to create conditions for a more racially diverse faculty, staff, and student body, and to promote lasting structural change by fostering sustained attention to systemic and epistemic racism in research and policy.

Task Force Chair Gabrielle Hecht's Statement on Building a More Inclusive Institute...

Dear FSI community, Our world has entered a new phase of racial reckoning. Thanks to the gruesome and grueling evidence offered by citizen-videographers, widely distributed and amplified by social media, it has become impossible to deny...

Who We Are

The Racial Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (REDI) Task Force is committed to creating a more racially representative and equitable community at FSI, in order to help the Institute better integrate its commitment to diversity and inclusion in its research, policy, and education mission.

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"Critical Conversations: Race in Global Affairs" is REDI's online event series centering pressing discussions on race and racism in in international policy and global affairs, including how racial inequality affects our research and policy community.


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