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A. Patrick Behrer

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A. Patrick Behrer

  • Postdoctoral Scholar, Center on Food Security and the Environment, Department of Earth System Science


Patrick Behrer is a Post-Doc at the Center for Food Security and the Environment working with Professors David Lobell and Marshall Burke. His work focuses on the causes and consequences of air pollution and climate change around the world. In particular, he is researching the causes of crop burning and its consequences for air pollution in India. He is also examining the impact of heat exposure among students on long-term human capital formation and the implications for economic growth. In other work, he is examining the implications of climate change for worker safety and government revenue. He holds a PhD in Public Policy from Harvard University where he was a pre-doctoral fellow of the Harvard Environmental Economics Program. Before his PhD, Patrick did a Masters in Agricultural and Resource Economics at Colorado State University and was a Fulbright Fellow in New Zealand. He holds a BA in Economics from Harvard.