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Matthieu Stigler

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Matthieu Stigler

  • Postdoctoral scholar, Center on Food Security and the Environment, Department of Earth System Science

Y2E2, Room 349

Stanford, CA 94305


Matthieu Stigler is an economist specialized in using satellite data techniques to gain new insights in agricultural and development economics. He is currently a post-doctoral Fellow at Stanford's Center for Food Security and the Environment (FSE), and obtained his PhD from UC Davis in Agricultural Economics. Matthieu's research focuses on harnessing the potential of satellite data to deepen our understanding of agricultural economics. Using satellite-based prediction of crop type and yields over very large areas, he investigates whether the agricultural production increases through expansion of land or intensification of yields, or analyses the dynamics of crop rotation. At FSE, Matthieu is currently working on using a similar dataset to analyse risk management tools, to compare farm-level to index insurance products, and to investigate how the design of index insurance can be improved using satellite data.