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Afghani women protest

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Analysis of Twitter Takedowns Linked to Venezuela, Mexico, Tanzania, and China

Blogs / December 2, 2021
In this post and in the attached reports, we investigate four newly suspended Twitter operations.
cartoon image of a crowd of people

In Bed with Embeds: How a Network Tied to IRA Operations Created Fake “Man on the Street” Content Embedded in News Articles

Blogs / December 2, 2021
In this post and in the attached report, we investigate IRA operations
A law enforcement officer meets with community members in Brazil.

Community Policing: A Better Way to Improve Policing or a Bust?

Q&As / November 30, 2021
A first-of-its-kind study from Jeremy M. Weinstein, Graeme Blair and Fotini Christia shows that the celebrated practice of community policing may have few, if any, positive impacts on communities in...
Kaylynn Purdy and Brother Blake

Health Policy Student: My Brother’s Death Is Not a Statistic

Commentary / November 30, 2021
After Kaylynn Purdy lost her older brother to a drug overdose, she chose to write about his death to highlight the human faces behind the opioid epidemic both in Canada and here in the United States.
China's Civilian Army: The Making of Wolf Warrior Diplomacy event promo image

China's Civilian Army: The Making of Wolf Warrior Diplomacy

News / November 30, 2021
Peter Martin discusses the advent of Wolf Warrior Diplomacy in Chinese politics — is it really such a new phenomenon after all?
image of professor in his office

Growing Up Navajo

Blogs / November 30, 2021
Dr. Harold Begay, Navajo Nation Superintendent (Select) of Schools, Department of Diné Education, shares reflections on his life.
Emily Bauer, Master's in International Policy ('22)

Investing in Children and Youth at USAID through Education

Blogs / November 30, 2021
Emily Bauer (Master’s in International Policy '22) gained first-hand experience with the importance of education for children in unstable environments as an intern with the United States Agency...
Chinese military propaganda depicting the Second Taiwan Strait Crisis of 1958.

Reassessing China’s Capabilities and Goals for Strategic Competition

News / November 29, 2021
On the World Class podcast, Oriana Skylar Mastro argues that in order to set effective policy toward China, the United States needs to better understand how and why China is projecting power.
Reichstag, Berlin

Why Do Governments Reveal Cyber Intrusions?

Commentary / November 24, 2021
Germany held federal elections Sept. 26 to select the new members of the Bundestag. Neither of the leading parties secured enough seats to govern alone. While the three parties likely to constitute...
a male student standing in front of red building

Stanford e-Japan Online Course Now Accepting Applications for Spring 2022

News / November 24, 2021
Interested students must apply by December 31, 2021.
woman smiling

The Belarus border crisis shows it’s getting easier to ‘weaponize’ refugees

Commentary / November 22, 2021
Countries like Belarus are counting on E.U. governments to see refugees as a security threat.
Man smiling

Need something to worry about: Here comes space junk.

Commentary / November 22, 2021
As if living in space weren’t difficult enough. The Russian military recently tested a direct-ascent antisatellite, or ASAT, missile on an old Soviet orbital, Cosmos 1408.
Kate Imy

How Feminist Military History Sheds Light on Colonial Rule and Warfare

Q&As / November 19, 2021
In this interview, Lee Kong Chian NUS-Stanford Fellow on Southeast Asia Kate Imy discusses her research into identity in the twentieth-century British imperial world and her current book project on...
Health and world economy on scales graphic.

Publishing and Assessing the Research of Economists: Lessons from Public Health

Blogs / November 19, 2021
Scott Rozelle introduces his recent publication, "Publishing and Assessing the Research of Economists: Lessons from Public Health" in a blog post for the China Economic Review's...
Shenzhen skyline with digital data lines superimposed.

SCCEI China Briefs Featured in Global Media Outlets

News / November 19, 2021
SCCEI’s new impact initiative, SCCEI China Briefs, was spotlighted in over 14 media sources on November 19, 2021. The media content called attention to SCCEI’s commitment to translating fact-based,...
Grandfather and granddaughter sit in home in rural China.

Rural Poverty is the Biggest Obstacle to China's Rise, Says Economist Scott Rozelle

News / November 18, 2021
Katrin Buchenbacher from Neue Zürcher Zeitung interviewed Scott Rozelle about his recent book on China's rural population.
Picture of Vladimir Putin at a podium

Will Putin Miscalculate? 

Commentary / November 18, 2021
Europe currently faces several crises exploited or instigated by Russia.  Speculation runs rampant regarding what Vladimir Putin hopes to achieve.  He should take care not to overplay his hand.
A father with his son and daughter (paid family leave)

New Study Shows Support for Paid Family Leave Grew During Pandemic

News / November 18, 2021
In a blow to arguments that a federal paid leave law would harm small businesses, a new study co-authored by SHP's Maya Rossin-Slater finds that support for paid leave among small employers is...
abstract image of blue background with final report written over it.

Aspen Digital's Commission on Information Disorder Releases Their Final Report

News / November 17, 2021
The report is the culmination of work by Aspen Digita's Commission on Information Disorder, with guidance from Stanford Cyber's Renee DiResta, Alex Stamos, Daphne Keller, Nate Persily and...
Jim Dempsey bio photo plus cover of his new book Cybersecurity Law Fundamentals

James X. Dempsey of GTG Publishes New Book on Cybersecurity

News / November 17, 2021
Almost as swiftly as cybersecurity has emerged as a major corporate and public policy concern, a body of cybersecurity law has developed. This body of law is not systematic. Like all things digital,...
an image of five men at the beach and an image of a man standing

Teaching Diverse Perspectives on the Vietnam War

Blogs / November 16, 2021
On Veterans Day 2021, SPICE Director Gary Mukai reflects on some lesser-known stories of Vietnam War veterans.
"Engaging China: Fifty Years of Sino-American Relations" book cover

Engaging China: Fifty Years of Sino-American Relations

News / November 16, 2021
Was the strategy of engagement with China worthwhile? Experts Mary Bullock, Thomas Fingar, David M. Lampton, and Anne Thurston discuss their recent release, "Engaging China: Fifty Years of Sino-...
Photo of Oriana Skylar Mastro

'Xi Jinping '100 per cent' can be trusted': US warned over Taiwan independence

Commentary / November 16, 2021
China’s President Xi Jinping can “100 per cent” be trusted and warned western nations would be making a “big mistake” if they didn’t take the superpower’s threats to forcefully retake Taiwan...
BEIJING, CHINA - OCTOBER 01: Chinese rocket launchers are seen at a parade to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949 , at Tiananmen Square on October 1, 2019 in Beijing, China.

What are hypersonic missiles and why do they matter?

Commentary / November 15, 2021
Following a recent test in China, Cameron Tracy talks to the BBC about a new breed of hypersonic missiles and whether they will make the world a more dangerous place.
woman smiling

US Global Ransomware Summit: More Needs to be Done

Commentary / November 15, 2021
The US Justice Department’s arrest of several affiliates of the Russian-speaking REvil ransomware group comes a month after Washington hosted a virtual international summit on ransomware attacks. The...