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FSI's research and teaching strives to make an impact on global policy issues. With an academic emphasis on governance, health and security, FSI's scholars often create the knowledge and develop the expertise needed to address some of the world's greatest challenges.

Global Health

FSI scholars are devoted to understanding and solving global problems of poor health and nutrition. Often, the dilemma isn’t that treatments, medical services and technology don’t exist. It’s that they aren’t readily available or – for a variety of reasons – aren’t being used. Paul Wise, Scott Rozelle and Grant Miller are FSI senior fellows finding ways with their colleagues to fill those gaps by examining global health in the context of governance, economics, technology and education.



International Security

FSI's Center for International Security and Cooperation was born from a series of Cold War-era collaborations. Today, CISAC is focused not only on the lingering security threats from past generations, but on the known – and even unforeseen – threats of today and tomorrow: Cybersecurity, bio warfare and terrorism. And it addresses those challenges through a combination of research, teaching and policy influence.

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