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Lucan Way

Lucan Way

Visiting Associate Professor, Fall 2012

Encina Hall
616 Serra Street
Stanford, CA 94305-6055

Research Interests

regime transitions and authoritarianism


Lucan Way is Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Toronto.  His research focuses on democratic transitions and the evolution of non-democratic rule in cross-regional perspective. He is best known for his work on hybrid or competitive authoritarian rule. His book, Competitive Authoritarianism: Hybrid Regimes after the Cold War (with Steven Levitsky), was published in 2010 by Cambridge University Press. He has also published articles in Comparative Politics, Journal of Democracy, Perspectives on Politics, Politics & Society, Studies in Comparative and International Development, World Politics, as well as a number of area studies journals and book chapters. Most recent articles include ?Deer in Headlights: Incompetence and Weak Authoritarianism? in Slavic Review and ?Beyond Patronage: Violent Struggle, Ruling Party Cohesion and Authoritarian Durability? (with Steven Levitsky) in Perspectives on Politics.  He is completing a book: Pluralism by Default and the Sources of Political Competition in the Former Soviet Union.  In 2012, Professor Way received a grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) of Canada to begin a new project with Steven Levitsky exploring the impact of violent revolutionary origins on authoritarian durability after the Cold War. He is on the Editorial Board of Journal of Democracy and is in residence at the Stanford Center for Democracy, Development and Rule of Law for the Fall of 2012.