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Gaurav Kampani  
Nuclear Security Fellow (former)

not in residence

Research Interests
The Weaponization Paradox: Why Some Emerging Nuclear Weapon Powers Delay Building Operational Forces

+PDF+ Gaurav Kampani's Curriculum Vitae (79.2KB, modified September 2010)

Gaurav Kampani is a sixth year doctoral student at Cornell University's Department of Government. His major and minor fields are International Relations and Comparative Politics. Kampani's research interests cover international security and focus on the relationship between domestic institutions and strategic policy, military strategy, operations planning, and weapons development.

Kampani's dissertation project studies Indian civil-military institutions and nuclear weapons-related operational practices in the decade prior 1998 and the decade since.

Between 1998-2005, Kampani worked on South Asia-related nuclear and missile proliferation issues at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies, Monterey CA.


(Profile last updated in September 2011.)