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From left, David Straub, Scott Snyder, Young Kwan Yoon for the panel 1 on "U.S.-ROK Relations: New Beginnings, Global Partnership"

Photo Credit: Pantech Group

The United States and Korea: Toward a Shared Future  

Date and Time
June 2, 2009
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Open to the public
No RSVP required

Gi-Wook Shin - Director, APARC
Thomas Fingar (keynote speaker) - Payne Distinguished Lecturer, CISAC
David Straub (panelist) - Associate Director of Korean Studies Program, APARC
Daniel C. Sneider (panelist) - Associate Director of Research, APARC
Scott Snyder (panelist) - Former Pantech Fellow at APARC
Donald Macintyre (panelist) - Former Pantech Fellow at APARC
Hyug Baeg Im (panelist) - Professor, Korea University
Young Kwan Yoon (panelist) - Professor, Seoul National University
Hyung O Kim - Speaker of Korea National Assembly

Two weeks before President Lee Myung-bak’s first full-fledged summit meeting with President Barack Obama, Pantech Fellow alumni of Stanford University’s Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center (Shorenstein APARC) will present their research findings on U.S.-South Korean relations and North Korea at a forum at the Seoul Press Center on June 2 from 2-5 P.M.

The public event, “The United States and Korea: Toward a Shared Future,” will feature Dr. Thomas Fingar, a Distinguished Lecturer at Stanford and the former U.S. Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Analysis, who will deliver a keynote address on “The United States and Northeast Asia.” National Assembly Speaker Kim Hyong O, American Ambassador Kathleen Stephens, and the Shorenstein APARC Director, Stanford University Professor Gi-Wook Shin, will offer congratulatory remarks.

Stanford Pantech Fellowships alumni will participate in two panels on U.S.-South Korean relations and North Korea. Scott Snyder, director of the Asia Foundation’s Center for U.S.-Korea Policy, will discuss his recent report, “Pursuing a Comprehensive Vision for the U.S.–South Korea Alliance.” David Straub, Korean Studies Program acting director at Shorenstein APARC, will review the work and findings of the “New Beginnings” policy research group on U.S.-South Korean relations. Donald Macintyre, Time Magazine’s first bureau chief in Seoul (2001-2006), will show how life in North Korea is changing at the grassroots level and what these changes mean for the international community's approach toward Pyongyang. Daniel Sneider, Shorenstein APARC associate director for research, will analyze North Korea as a peninsular, regional and global problem and discuss how it fits into the Obama administration’s overall foreign and security policy. The panels will be moderated by Seoul National University Professor Yoon Young-kwan, a former foreign minister, and Korea University Professor Hyug Baek Im.

The Pantech Group is a major supporter of the Korean Studies Program (KSP) at Stanford’s Shorenstein APARC and its programs of policy research on Korea and U.S.-Korean relations and the fostering of next-generation leaders in Korean affairs. Since the inception of the Pantech Fellowships for Mid-Career Professionals in 2004, nine experts on Korean policy affairs from government, journalism, and academia have each spent a year at Stanford’s Shorenstein APARC engaged in cutting-edge research.
The forum will be conducted in English. Interpretation will not be provided.

The Press Center, Seoul, Korea