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Economics of Health and Medical Care


This course is an introduction to the field of health economics. Health economics is an active field of microeconomics with a large and growing literature. In the past decade, some of the most controversial policies considered by state and federal governments have involved issues that have been analyzed by health economists. This class will provide an introduction to the health care system in the United States. It will discuss some of the key concepts that health economists uses to analyze health care markets. Finally, the concepts will be applied to selected current issues in health policy.

Please see below for a sample syllabus. Please note that the contents of the below syllabus do not necessarily reflect what will be included in future quarters.

Course Number: 
ECON 126, ECON 226
Course Quarter: 
Course Year: 
2 006
Course Instructors: 
Jay Bhattacharya
Jay Bhattacharya
Course Type: 
For Credit